— CK Neutrals


CK Neutrals 

To acknowledge and reinforce Calvin Klein’s intention for greater inclusivity, we created a campaign to launch the CK Neutrals collection, a neutral-toned underwear capsule, offering a range of different shades.

The campaign features 6 uniquely beautiful women, ranging from dancers, models to streetcast personalities. It was important to us to be able to represent women of different ethnicities, age groups, and body types within the cast.

Our concept, which centers around natural beauty, comfort, and self confidence, was strengthened through our collaboration with London-based poet Sophia Thakur, who wrote a bespoke poem for the video, and is also the voice of the campaign.

To further champion diversity, we worked with an ethnically diverse, female-led team of creatives to bring this campaign to life.

Role: Art Direction
Director: Alexandra Leese

Poet: Sofia Thakur
Production: Mayor

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